About Pet Business Forum

Pet Business Forum is a project initiated by “Rynek Zoologiczny” monthly magazine’s editorial staff. It’s organized to create the communication and discussion platform for all entrepreneurs from the pet sector, who have influence on its’ development. These annual meetings gather manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and operators of countrywide specialist retail chains.
The meeting formula, which is subdivided to few discussion panels, allows for free exchange of thoughts and ideas for all participants of the discussion in all important matters proposed by editorial staff.
During the Pet Industry Forum takes place also the “Rynek Zoologiczny’s Top Innovations and Golden Hounds awards gala.






9:00-12:00 Omnichannel  – the future of the trade?

  1. New consumers generations – generation x, y, z; millenials;
  2. On the threshold of digital revolution in the traditional trade, how innovations change shopping
  3. Omnichannel – response to the changing consumer;
  4. Labor market and demographic change a challenge for businesses;
  5. Success in Trade – building a successful business based on a family model;
  6. Profitability in times of price warfare, promotional and business risk.

12:00-13:00 Lunch;

13:00-14:30 Special quest from Australia – Johna Stanley’a, retail consultant

14:30-16:00 Free time;

16:00-19:00 5th Zoological Forum (detailed agenda below)

19:00-20:00 Supper;

20:00 „Złote Charty Rynku Zoologicznego” – awards ceremony;

21:00 Star performance


Special event for all day: trade fairs for Zoo shops and Garden Centers in the stands of the partners.


5th Zoological Forum detailed agenda

16:00-17:00 Rynek Zoologiczny, a summary of the most important events of 2017:

  1. Pet Fair – a summary of the 2017 edition

Speaker: Edyta Winiarska, Pet Fair manager;

  1. PETS International – Presentation of tools enabling the promotion of companies on the global zoological market

Speaker: Corine van Winden, PETS International owner;

  1. Rynek Zoologiczny – 10 years in the industry; key facts, perspectives, challenges;

Speaker: Mateusz Karatysz,  editor-in-chief  „Rynku Zoologicznego”.

17:00-18:00 Condition of the zoological stores – results of research and conclusions for business,

Speaker: Marek Borowiński PhD, Shop Doctor  

18:00-19:00 How to get a new customer in the zoo industry

Speakers: All partners of the 5th Zoological Forum





“Rynek Zoologiczny” is number 1 among all titles in pet industry*.
The magazine is dedicated to retailers and stores’ managers and wholesalers across the Poland and it’s published continuingly since 2008, which makes it longest established B2B magazine in the country.
The magazine is distributed directly to stores and wholesalers by The Polish Post in 7 000 copies. “Rynek Zoologiczny” it’s not only regular printed magazine. portal is visited by almost 20 000 users monthly. Two times a week 3 000 of our subscribers receives newsletter with fresh news from the business. We’ve created also unique profile which is designed to pet owners and which has already attracted 5 000 users by its’ content.

*Kantar MillwardBrown 2016


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